The menu can be catered to your taste and interest. To create a wholesome and nutritious meal typically three dishes are taught in each lesson, one from each category below. Options are not limited to those dishes listed here. If you have a favorite dish or a recipe you are trying to master, just ask.
Sample Menu

1. Curry (wet) Dishes
- Saag Paneer (Indian cheese cooked in spinach-based sauce)
- Paneer Tikka Masala (Marinated Indian cheese in creamy sauce)
- Aloo Matar (Potatoes & Peas in a creamy tomato sauce)
- Channa Masala (Garbanzo beans cooked in tomato sauce)
- Vegetable Korma (Mixed vegetables with nuts cooked in creamy sauce)

2. Vegetable (dry) Dishes
- Aloo Gobi (Potato & Cauliflower sauteed in flavorful spices)
- Aloo Bhindi (Potato & Okra sauteed in flavorful spices)
- Vegetable Jalfrezi (Mixed vegetable stir-fry)
- Bhaigan or Bhindi Masala (Eggplant or Okra stir-fried in spices)

3. Rice Dishes
- Peas Pulao (Basmati rice cooked with fragrant spices and dotted with Peas)
- Kashmiri Pulao (Basmati rice cooked with nuts, raisins, and saffron)
- Vegetable Biriyani (Basmati rice cooked with medley of vegetables and spices)

The above examples comprise mainly of a North Indian menu and is often paired with pre-made Naan. If you are interested in learning South Indian dishes the menu is as follows:
- Vegetable Sambhar (Mixed vegetables cooked in lentil curry)
- Green Beans Poriyal (Green beans sauteed in mild spices and fresh coconut)
- Lemon Rice (Basmati rice cooked with fragrant spices and lemon juice)
- Cucumber Kosumbari (Cucumber and raw lentil salad)