This Bottlegourd, or “Sorekai” Curry, as we say in the South Indian Kannada language, is a delicious and unique curry in that a masala is made using dry roasted coconut, mustard seeds, fenugreek, cumin, and coriander seeds. This ground masala is then incorporated into a sour buttermilk base, all directing its flavors into the tenderly translucent, jaggery (raw sugarcane) coated bottlegourd cubes.

We will cover what a bottlegourd looks like, what its medicinal benefits are, and tips on how to approach cutting it up soon. This is one of the vegetables we wish was easier to get in markets, but you can try looking for it in an Asian grocery store or using cucumbers instead, which are interestingly close in texture, once cooked, to Bottlegourd.

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