The culinary playground of Spice Mission is brought to you by ‘Byadgi’ Tanya and ‘Guntur’ Sonya. ‘Chili’ cousins of the same family, Tanya and Sonya are always busy cooking up mouth-watering recipes to spice up YOUR kitchen!

When it comes to food for the two chilies – the spicier the better! Growing up in a South Indian household, they were exposed to all the delicate flavors of various spices and their particular symbiosis with vegetables. Their passion for cooking began in the college dorms when they realized the lack of tasty vegetarian food. Soon after, they were enveloped in the multi-ethnic metropolis of New York City where they began to explore different cuisines and embarked on a culinary voyage that continues to this day.

While Tanya eventually traveled to San Francisco to discover new food frontiers, Sonya enjoys going to her favorite New York spots to uncover the tasty delights of the city’s burgeoning food culture.


Software engineer turned adventure travel planner, Tanya strives to create a life filled with doing things she loves. For her, cooking is not just a hobby but a deep meditation and avenue for creative expression. Indeed, her other skills as an experiential educator, yoga teacher, and photographer interplay dynamically with her culinary passions.

A former scientist and now an art director, Sonya finds cooking South Indian meals a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a vegetarian lifestyle. The ultimate punk rock meal and the antithesis to pixel perfection, the recipes Sonya creates are a cultivation of art in its highest form and are coddled like a little baby. When Sonya isn’t planning her next anomalous vacation, she is designing tour graphics, album art, or maybe just relaxing like the true Southerner she is.


Byadgi T and Guntur S would like to dedicate a special shout out to their husbands – Will and Surya – for their unquestionable support and patience in building the website, providing constructive feedback on business ideas, tasting and critiquing our culinary creations.


“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with [them]… the people who give you their food give you their heart.” -Cesar Chavez